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Three Rivers Chorus


Interested in joining this fun and passionate group of singers? Please contact director Ellen Oak to schedule your audition.

What to Expect

The audition takes about 15 minutes. It is low key and friendly. The director will take you through a number of vocal exercises to explore the timbre and range of your voice, and your singing technique. She will then ask you read and tap out some rhythmic patterns. Identifying notes in a chord, and singing back melodic fragments follow. Finally, you will be invited to sing a piece you already know—either something you have brought with you, or a well-known piece such as the national anthem or Greensleeves.

Reading Music

Sight-singing—the ability to pick up a piece of music and sing it immediately and accurately without any musical support—is not required. How you learn your music is up to you. The important thing to know is that Three Rivers singers do take primary responsibility for learning their music. Mastery of the basics of music notation and choral scores makes this musical independence possible. Little time in rehearsal is spent drilling pitches. Sometimes there are sectional rehearsals at the beginning of each concert prep cycle to help with mastering notes; sometimes singers in a section will meet on their own to practice together; some people record rehearsals and practice with the recordings; some people find the piece on Youtube; sometimes we make mp3's of isolated parts.

A Three Rivers Singer

Most Three Rivers singers have experience in choral singing or playing an instrument. Some are returning to making music after years away; some are taking the next step in their musical development. All of them are self-starters with positive energy, curiousity, and courage. They want to continually grow as vocal artists. They assume primary responsibility and initiative for learning their music. They enjoy discovering new repertoire and singing styles. They enjoy challenges. They enjoy one another. They value enriching their home communities by making wonderful music and sharing it with others. Recognizing that the chorus is a young non-profit organization with no paid administrative staff, they do whatever is needed, both musically and non-musically, to make it all happen. They work hard. They laugh a lot.

Does this sound like you? If so, congratulations! You are a singer with a lot to offer. Please come visit a rehearsal, and check out Three Rivers Chorus. You can also email director Ellen Oak with your questions.